Join us at the Auburn Lounge and let us take you back in time when life wasn’t so complicated. Cocktail hour was a way to say goodbye to the workday, and you went to your favorite lounge to let it all go. Saturday night music was something to look forward to as you laughed the night away with your friends, or gazed into the eyes of the one you adored.

Good food, good drinks and most importantly, great people. It’s all part of a classic past that never goes out of style at Auburn Lounge. We welcome you and your loved ones to join us on a journey back in time and turn back the clock to the Golden Age at Auburn Lounge.

We call Danville, CA home

Auburn Lounge Wine Bar Girl Drinking

Friends & wine

With the perfect mix of curated drinks and small plates, Auburn Lounge has something for everyone. Taking the term “speakeasy” to the next level, Auburn Lounge fosters an environment for real, meaningful conversation where friends are encouraged to be themselves.

Whether stopping by for a quick bite or indulging in one of everything with a large group – Auburn Lounge features a range of items to suit every dining scenario. Come enjoy 28 different hand selected wines, 17 beers, and 10 specialty drinks executed by our talented bar team.

Don’t chase anything but drinks and dreams

Michelle Collopy

Walking through the doors is like stepping through a time portal, transporting patrons to a special place rooted in the past and preserved by a timeless passion for the good life. As Owner Shelly Collopy would say when bringing to life the lounge she always pictured in her head:

“We need a place where we can unwind with our friends, drink great wine, laugh, play, and we will listen to the great sounds of the 1930’s, and 40’s and also the occassional blues or jazz track.”

The times were simple yet elegant, and fashionable men and women dressed to the nines to unwind with friends or that special someone for an evening of cocktails, conversation and cutting a rug at the local lounge.

“An era where movies were musicals, you dressed up to go out for the evening, and you danced the night away to the big band.”

Shelly Collopy